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Iron on Patches 8 Pcs 2" by 3"

  • Perfect for repair and decoration: Prolong the life of your favorite clothes or breathe into the old new life by decorating it

  • Ideal size 2" by 3" will help to hide the shortcomings of both small and large holes and enough to create your own design

  • Package includes 8 patches: shades of blue will fit with almost every kind of light blue jeans

  • Easy to applied on fabric: only few minutes will take to repair or decorate your clothes

  • Each patch is washable at hot temperature: you can use machine wash and tumble dry

$ 8.99




Our aim is to supply clients with the best patches meeting quality standards. For this reason, our products are made in a professional manner using the highest quality fabrics.



Instead of being embarrassed by the holes in jeans, just patch them! It’s such an easy quick fix that you’ll be done in less than five minutes.



Durable and long lasting formula of the glue making those patches irreplaceable when repairing clothes. Fix your favorite clothes ones and for all.



Instead of layering the patch on the top of your jeans, you can place it on the inside of your pants. This way, the back side of the patch shows through the hole.



Each set has patches of different colors from light blue to black, you can always pick the right color for your jeans.



What can be better than spending time with your kids? Create funny designs and decorate kids clothes. Make your child happy.



All patches are washable at hot temperature. Each patch can withstand a lot of washes. This product will serve you for years.



You don't have to be like others; be yourself. Create your own designs to customize your clothes. Make your old clothes as good as new.

SIN reviews



These are great. Save an expensive pair of jeans that wore down on the inner thighs. I will purchase these patches again if need be. The seller is very attentive and helpful as well.

J. Blackburn

Good color selection of patches. Easy to use. Adherence is very good. I did tiny zig zag along the edges to added security. I wish they had black patches. I recommend this product.


My husband and I have lost a good amount of weight and have been putting off buying new jeans until we got closer to our goal weights - unfortunately his jeans were wearing out completely. We had already taken them multiple times to be patched up at a local alterations place where the lady kept telling me it was a lost cause. Desperate - my husband asked me if we could try iron on patches one more time. I had tried a different brand and they did not hold up at all. These, however, were super easy to use and have been extremely durable. I even bought needle and Jean thread in case I was going to have to resort to some stitching. Didn’t even need that - these patches adhered quickly and have stayed on without issue and through heavy wear and washings. These patches will definitely help us get through this phase until we’re ready to buy new jeans. Follow the directions and easy to use!

Michael S. Vanderipe

Make sure you follow the directions. I didn't have the iron hot enough the first time I put one on and it fell off soon after. Having the iron at its highest heat setting is essential and they stay on fine.


I had 2 pair of denim jeans with holes in places that weren't fashionable. I wanted to extend the life of my jeans and these patches were a perfect solution. I was able to do the repairs within minutes of receiving the patches. So far, so good!


Simple and effective

These iron-on patches were really easy to use and have held up nicely since I put them on. Will buy again.


Worked very well. But I’m not sure if they will stick through washing. The instructions state that they will last longer if stitched at the corners.


I love this product. I used in on a few of my jeans that are ripped. Instead of throughing away my jeans I used Zefffka Iron On patches.

Nunya Bizness

The delivery was very quick, the product is high-quality, and the customer service is beyond exceptional. They contacted me before the product even got here to let me know the instructions on how to use it, and gave me an email address in case I had any issues with it. I put it on my jeans using the instructions they gave me and it works fantastic. These do what they were meant to do.


I used the patches on two pairs of jeans: one that had a hole about the size of a quarter on the buttocks, and one that had a 3" vertical rip near the back pocket. The one I used on the hole is still going strong even after several washings and wearings. The one on the tear came right off after just a few hours of wearing. I'm still giving 5 stars though, because I'm impressed at how well it's holding up on the one with the hole. I'm sure I'll buy more of these if the need arises!

Amazon Customer

Works well

Unlike some reviewers, for me this worked well. I followed the instructions, in my case I used it as the elbow patch on a fabric jacket. Washed the jacket, dried it, ironed it on, then ironed the back side of the patch (as instructed) for 30 seconds, ,gave it 12 hours to settle (not in instructions), and used the jacket every day for the next 3 months with no issues., The elbow rubs on machinery which caused the tear in the first place, and now the patch rubs the machinery and no more issues on the jacket.

Wendy Marie

Having to young boys I am constantly repairing holes in there jeans, I ordered these patches and what I liked about them is they came in many colors that matched all the different shades of there pants and shorts! They where super easy to use, and have held up through the many washes that come with rough and messy boys! Definitely mom recommended !


I had a pair of jeans with a rip in the knee. They were a nicer pair that I didn't want to go out with the "cool ripped" look. The color of the patch mostly matched but I didn't want the patch visible from the outside. I flipped the leg inside out, held the rip closed and ironed on the patch from the inside. Now it's barely discernible there was an issue with the pants. Thanks!

John E. Caiafa

The product is pretty straight forward. The best part was that the product quality is solid, the delivery was great and the Company follow-up was great.


Great patches - works as expected

Happy with purchase- patches colors match all of my jeans. easy to use

Donna in WV

This product worked EXACTLY the way it was supposed to. Easy instructions -- easy application. I love the fact that I had color/shade options to find the most accurate match.

M. Hunter

The patch adhered very well to my jeans. It covers the tear and also keeps it from tearing further. The various shades supplied let me match the patch to the look of my old jeans.

Amazon Customer

Thanks to these patches, my favorite work jeans were saved. They're about 7 years old, and they ripped in a very unfortunate place, but the patches saved the day! Thank you, ZEFFFKA! I hate shopping for clothes, and you spared me the hassle.


I have used one of the patches on a pair of jeans that had started coming apart around the left back pocket. Applied the patch per instructions and so far holding up very well. Easy to do. Good information passed along by seller!


Worked like a charm. Held up during wash and drying.

This product worked like a charm. Held up during wash and drying. It is important to follow the directions (I.e., do not use the steam setting on your iron). In addition to the instructions that come with the product, the seller takes extra precaution to also send instructions to your email. Very thorough. Follow the instructions and you’ll be happy with the performance of this product.

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