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Iron on Patches 9 Pcs Different Sizes

  • Perfect for repair and decoration: Prolong the life of your favorite clothes or breathe into the old new life by decorating it

  • Different sizes will help to hide the shortcomings of both small and large holes and enough to create your own design

  • Package includes 9 patches: popular colors shades of blue (light, medium, dark) will fit with almost every kind of blue jeans

  • Easy to applied on fabric: only few minutes will take to repair or decorate your clothes

  • Each patch is washable at high temperature: you can use machine wash and tumble dry

$ 8.99




Our aim is to supply clients with the best patches meeting quality standards. For this reason, our products are made in a professional manner using the highest quality fabrics.



Instead of being embarrassed by the holes in jeans, just patch them! It’s such an easy quick fix that you’ll be done in less than five minutes.



Durable and long lasting formula of the glue making those patches irreplaceable when repairing clothes. Fix your favorite clothes ones and for all.



Instead of layering the patch on the top of your jeans, you can place it on the inside of your pants. This way, the back side of the patch shows through the hole.



Each set has patches of different colors from light blue to black, you can always pick the right color for your jeans.



What can be better than spending time with your kids? Create funny designs and decorate kids clothes. Make your child happy.



All patches are washable at hot temperature. Each patch can withstand a lot of washes. This product will serve you for years.



You don't have to be like others; be yourself. Create your own designs to customize your clothes. Make your old clothes as good as new.

EIN reviews


Jacqueline Oglesby

Excellent Product!

I bought this product for my husband. He can’t seem to keep holes from forming on the edges of his back pockets. This is a great product that does work and I have combined it with some year mendor to give the fabric some extra strength before I put the patch on. I absolutely love the results and am happy to help give some extra life in my husbands clothes.

Kindle Customer

works perfectly

works just as expected. super easy to use - they even sent instructions in a separate email, super helpful!

Daniel L. Duba, Sr.

Perfect Patches!

The patches worked perfectly! Directions were easy to follow. Love my new jeans !

Peggy DeLucia

Just got it. Product looks very durable will try it and post again. Great price and delivered as promised


Very friendly customer support

Love that they come in 3 different sizes and 3 different colors. Very easy to apply.


Finally break jeans in and guess what a hole

Great product, fixed two pair of jeans and everything worked as was indicated. Thanks for a great product.


Exactly as described

Received as described. Very fast shipping. Thank you!

Julie M.

easy to use, variety of color. I just applied, so I haven't washed yet, and can't speak to that. Good product so far!


Incredible item!

Incredible item! consistent with depiction and colors..which were ideal for my motivation. Simple to apply, basic headings and directions. Astonishing client benefit with coordinate and a few follow up email from the proprietor. They truly think about their items and their customers. Will utilize them once more.


I love that you get different shades of jeans. So easy to apply and actually very hard to tell it's there!

Master Mechanic

Your basic denim patch, easy to apply with iron, so easy even a guy can do it. The rounded corners are nice, nothing to snag. The glue took hold nicely, just make sure to apply plenty of pressure with the hot iron set for cotton. You get a nice assortment of sizes and colors, great way to keep a favorite well worn pair of jeans going a while longer.

Melissa Barker

Very good product!

These patches work great! Very happy with them. I highly recommend them.


The instructions say to sew the patch down. If I had a way to sew the patch, I would not have needed the adhesive patch. I put two patches on a pair of blue jeans. They stayed on fine while I used the pants but the first time I washed them one of the patches started coming loose. It has not fallen off but I am not confident it is going to last very long.

Cale P.

I’m really glad these patches finally came. My old jeans always get worn thin, but I don’t want to throw them away. These are super easy to put on an definitely make a difference. Would purchase again.

Vincent G. McCallion

patches are easy to use and offer good value for the money. As to durability, come back to me in a few months and will be able to answer.

Seán Pierce

Excellent product

The product arrived on time and as described. The instructions provided were straightforward, and the product worked very well.

Walter J. Andersen

Easy repair and value in extending life of clothing

Good product. Helped extend life of a pair of jeans. Easy to iron on.

Great customer service. Appreciated the personal email on applying the patch.

Richard Kortcamp Jr.

These patches were awesome!! They were easy to apply and did the job exactly as promised.

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