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Iron on Patches 9 Pcs 4-1/4" by 3-3/4"

  • Perfect for repair and decoration: Prolong the life of your favorite clothes or breathe into the old new life by decorating it

  • Ideal size 4-1/4" by 3-3/4" will help to hide the shortcomings of both small and large holes and enough to create your own design

  • Package includes 9 patches: popular colors shades of blue (light, medium, dark) will fit with almost every kind of blue jeans

  • Easy to applied on fabric: only few minutes will take to repair or decorate your clothes

  • Each patch is washable at high temperature: you can use machine wash and tumble dry

$ 8.99




Our aim is to supply clients with the best patches meeting quality standards. For this reason, our products are made in a professional manner using the highest quality fabrics.



Instead of being embarrassed by the holes in jeans, just patch them! It’s such an easy quick fix that you’ll be done in less than five minutes.



Durable and long lasting formula of the glue making those patches irreplaceable when repairing clothes. Fix your favorite clothes ones and for all.



Instead of layering the patch on the top of your jeans, you can place it on the inside of your pants. This way, the back side of the patch shows through the hole.



Each set has patches of different colors from light blue to black, you can always pick the right color for your jeans.



What can be better than spending time with your kids? Create funny designs and decorate kids clothes. Make your child happy.



All patches are washable at hot temperature. Each patch can withstand a lot of washes. This product will serve you for years.



You don't have to be like others; be yourself. Create your own designs to customize your clothes. Make your old clothes as good as new.




So far, so good. I had a large tear in a pair of jeans, so I used to patches, one on the inside and one on the outside. I've worn the jeans a good number of times. I've washed them at least once, maybe twice. The patches remain securely fastened.

Amazon Customer

The iron on patches showed up promptly and work great thank you

Roger Smith

I am a older single man that definitely does not know how to sew, I ripped a fair size hole in my work overalls, so someone suggested iron on patches. So being the loyal Amazon customer that I am, I searched for the patches and after reading all the descriptions and reviews, I chose Zefffka, and am glad I did, they are extremely easy to use come in different shades of denim, and I work outside in these everyday, and they get washed a lot they incredibly held up to my abuse. Very pleased, highly recommend!

Galavanting Gabaldons

I bought these patches to see if I could use them to repair my favorite worn jeans. They worked perfectly. I was able to patch the jeans and secure them in storage before my wife threw them out for being too tattered! The quality was exactly what I was looking for.

Mountain Aviator

Thank you for a great product

Excellent item. Worked beyond my expectations!


I liked how easy the patches are to put on. I used them on a denim jumper that had holes around where the buttons should be. I ironed the patches on and then sewed the buttons onto the patches. I just made a small stitch in each corner of the patch for extra durability. It worked very well. I would recommend for anyone that doesn’t like to sew.

Katherine Lange

These were exactly what I was looking for to patch up the inseam of a couple pair of my favorite jeans I was not ready to get rid of. Very easy and quick to apply. My jeans have been through a few washes and the patches are still staying strong.

Suzanne Johnson

I did some serious work in the 2 pairs of jeans I ironed and sewed 2 patches to but the patches have held

John B. Lord

I had two small holes in a favorite pair of jeans and applied a ZEFFFKA patch, which I had trimmed for size. It was easy to apply with an iron, and the patch is holding tight. The area is now repaired and the patch has worked as I hoped it would.

Lisa Reed

My dad is a horse rider from way back. He was brought up in the good ole days when you patched your britches.

He said they looked as good as his moms when I finished without the stitching .

Damon A

These patches work pretty good. I have repaired three pair of jeans by applying the patches to the inside and these repaired jeans have been worn and washed three times already without any problems. By repairing the pant from the inside they have a great distressed look to them.

Zach Mange

These were perfect for what I needed. I fell skateboarding and messed up one of my favorite pairs of jeans that fit exactly how I wanted them to, and these saved me from having to throw them out. Super easy to work with and they've held up perfectly

Debra E. Mennell

These patches are easily cut to size and iron on with quickly with a hot iron. I've had one patch, on my gardening jeans, through the wash 6-7 times already and it has yet to fray or peel.

Chris Jackson

I did find that i had to iron a little longer than the recommended 20-30 seconds.

Iron on patches, simple to install. I did find that I had to iron a little longer than the recommended 20-30 seconds. Make sure you use adequate pressure with the iron as well. Hopefully these stay in place pretty well on the inside of my jeans.

henry spangelo

Patches are easy tp put on, wear well, and wash well. They arrived in a timely manner....and support was awesome.


Are used this patch to prolong the life of my sofa. There was an ink stain on a cushion. I selected the closest shade of color, cut out a heart shape, and ironed it on. I also stitched around just to be certain renters would not pick it off.

Gloria Ann Cruz Gonzales

I’m glad I purchased these from this seller rather than going to Walmart. The quality is better than what I’d find at Walmart. Plus the shipping was so quick! I like the various colors which are spot on perfect for my jeans.


Worked as you would expect. Good choice of colors. Blended well. No issues with ironing. They are on strong. Good customer service from seller with some ironing tips also.


Good stuff. It worked perfectly on a hole that was rubbing through the knee of my husband's Rock Revival jeans. We put it on the inside of the leg, and it worked great.

Mountain Aviator

Thank you for a great product.

Excellent item. Worked beyond my expectations!