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Denim skirts with modern patches are a new trend!

We can hardly imagine our daily styling without this classic, stylish and practical denim skirt that we can call the symbol of a pop culture that embodies the free spirit. If you want this season to wear jeans, you can follow the advice of world fashion dictators. Trends will include bright, modern patches, pearls, stones, beautiful and multicoloured embroidery, patches, torn effects.

What is most trendy this season?

Especially modern and motives will be with denim patches that will decorate everything – from jeans, denim skirts, denim shirts, shorts and dresses. These incredible accents make the models different, interesting, attractive. The colours of the denim will be black, sky blue, white and grey. Trending shades will also be trendy – for example, from dark blue to light blue and vice versa.

Jeans have long been not just clothes. They are denim with which we can express ourselves and combine it with everything that comes to mind. Here are the latest skirt models you’ll want to grab. Let us run the remaining months of winter with a little mood and colour, thanks to the seasonal colors and denim patches. Some slightly broken jeans or skirts with decoration will remain up-to-date in the spring.

Don’t buy, do it yourself!

Of course! We offer you an incredible way to diversify your wardrobe and your favorite denim! Use your free time to show your creativity. How often does it happen to open the closet and say that there is nothing to wear. Not always buying something new is better than using something old, you have to give your imagination some freedom. See how to renew your wardrobe only with scissors and the appropriate denim patches that are not only durable but are also the top trend at the moment.

Often handmade things are far more spectacular than shop clothes, so we hope to inspire you and use your hands to leave your handwriting. Do something unique from old denim using denim patches. This is a great way to give new life to your old denim skirt while being ultra modern.

It’s easy! See how

Old denim skirts can easily be transformed. The fastest way is to put iron-on denim patch on them. Open your wardrobe (or your mother’s) and choose a few old denim skirts. Check out where and how many denim patches you want to apply on the clothes and prepare yourself by ordering a few pre-set items like those here.

If you want, you can use the fabric patches for other denim clothes. For example, renew a denim pair of jeans or make an impressive bag, and why not new shorts.

Wash and adjust the skirt you want to process.Turn your iron “Cotton” or your hottest setting.Place the patch on the desired part of your denim skirt and cover the patch with a thin towel or cloth.Hold and iron for 35 to 40 seconds by pressing as high as possible.Turn your jeans out and pour the back of the patch for 35 to 40 sec.

Yes, it’s so easy! Only a few minutes and the old garment has a new life!

At the end of each winter or summer season, we usually review the wardrobe and review the available clothes. This process inevitably ends with the conviction that nothing is our size, everything is old-fashioned and no longer trendy, and ultimately, we need emergency shopping. That’s good, but the clothes you’re throwing away are not always for garbage. An unnecessary denim skirt will be great as a new one with a few denim patches. Now you know how to do this. Fast, easy and especially not expensive at all! You will refresh the look of old jeans, a skirt or jacket and everyone will notice this.

Do not be afraid to experiment, and you can stay fascinated by the outcome, and find your unsuspected talents, who knows.

Favored by almost all, universal, easy to combine with sneakers and heels, comfortable: these are the jeans. But as with all the clothes, and with them there are trends. Keep up with the new trends and make jeans with denim patches by yourself.

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