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Five methods how to repair jean crotches

No one gets angry when finding a hole in his jeans anymore. Actually, it is super trendy to have stitches, holes and patches on your denim jeans.

And whether you bought your pants with holes or got it with time, you can always add a colourful idea. With just a piece of colourful denim patch and some imagination, you can give an original and brand-new look to your favourite jeans to give them a few more years of life. Do not worry; they will not get out of fashion soon.

As we said, when it comes to jeans, no one is looking at whether the stitches are straight or no more hole has appeared. So, you do not need to worry if you do not handle the needle and the thread very deftly – and you do not embroider the new patch perfectly, no one will notice. Grab the needle and thread, check out the ideas we have selected for you and do it by yourself!

You can sew the piece of jeans or put an iron-on denim patch on the front of your pants. You can give a certain shape, such as a flower, and you can cut without measuring and shaping. Here are 5 methods to repair your jeans:

1 Cut and put a patch on the hole

Cut loose threads along the edges of the gap. In order to qualitatively repair the jeans, you must first trim the excess thread, crumbling along the edges of the gap. Take the scissors and cut the loose threads close to the whole fabric. You need to get rid of all the excess, but not to lose the material that can still be saved. Apply a denim

patch like these.

They are an easy way to cover a hole and have a modern look at the same time.

Such denim patches are not only long lasting but also very modern. You can make sure there is no new hole in the same place.

2. Sew the holes

Sew up the ripped place. Provided that you have not lost a lot of material, small holes can usually be sewn up without any patches. First, turn the jeans on the wrong side. So, stitches seams will not hang around from the front. Take a needle with thread and start stitching the edges of the gap in the direction of the back and forth until you stitch the hole. Try to make stitches as close as possible to each other.

If possible, use thread to match the thread that your jeans are sewn with. For these purposes, usually use white, brown or black thread. If the hole is in a prominent place far from the factory seams, it is recommended to use threads in the tone of denim (usually blue or black).

3. Embroidery

School lessons and techniques were not in vain! Remind yourself how to embroider and choose the technique and style you like. If you want to focus on floral motives. Choose the colours that fit best with the rest of your wardrobe. You can try with a rough, asymmetrical stitch with a white thread; it will be fresh and spectacular

In such a simple and fun way, you can take on the role of a designer and try something new. Experiment!

4. Cover the hole with lace

The lace seems to never go out of fashion. It is almost certainly present in formal dresses as well as in jeans and underwear.

If you have a hole in your jeans, you can always cover it by sewing the lace. This will make your jeans not only fashionable but also new ones.

You need scissors, pins, needle and thread or sewing machine, jeans and lace, some spare time and desire. Gently bend, cut the hole well. After removing the excess cloth, use a piece of lace to hide the hole. You need to sew the lace well (use a sewing machine for a better and more quality effect).

5. Мake short pants

If none of the ways you like, you can just cut your jeans and make shorts to wear in the summer. If the holes are on the knees, you can always act rationally and measure the length you like and shorten the jeans as much as you need. You will need only scissors.

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