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Why use patches on your pants?

If you are a fan of jeans, then you surely have a bunch of them in your wardrobe, but you still buy new ones every season. After a short absence, skinny and boyfriend jeans are back in fashion trends. Fashionable this season will also be the jeans and denim jackets with lining, and the brilliance for the season will bring the denim jeans with patches. Still, there are constantly different trends, and you want to keep up with fashion. When you see the new trendy jeans for the season, you quickly save money and get some new pairs.

Why give crazy money for new jeans?

But why to give crazy money for new jeans when you can just refresh your old jeans and decorate them according to the newest trend. Jeans are the universal garment. For jeans, we can say that no one does not have at least a pair of jeans in his wardrobe. Therefore, it is important to always keep up with the denim trends — this season most trendy jeans and those, covered with denim patches and everything that includes the patch.

Denim Patches for Decoration

Perhaps you have in your wardrobe old jeans that are about to throw away. Before doing so, however, see the following suggestions on how to give them a new life. Here we will talk about the universal jeans, comfortable all year round, which everyone has, if not several, at least one pair in their wardrobe. Perhaps everyone has been thinking to change something in their old jeans, making them look new and even more stunning than before.

Jeans with unusual patterns are always in trend, but not everyone knows that such patterns can be made by yourself using denim patches.

Denim Patches for Repairing

What is the worst thing happened to your favorite pair of jeans – the jeans are torn and have holes? Unfortunately, even the best quality and most famous jeans sooner or later are tearing. There comes a time when holes appear on your favorite jeans. Do not worry! There is a solution, and it is not to throw them in the garbage. You can save your old jeans by putting a beautiful denim patch in the holes. They are not only durable but will refresh the vision of your favorite pair of jeans.

How to apply the iron on denim patches

Old jeans, even if they are loved, sooner or later get bored, and you want to replace them with new ones or update them. If you want to make old jeans trendy, try cutting them. Surprisingly, only holes on jeans will not look weird. On the contrary – patch jeans always look very stylish. Worn during the day, at night – don’t let you favorite jeans get old fashioned. If you want a basic correction without adding too many different elements (after all, these are jeans), just add a jeans iron-on patch to your favorite pair. Here is how to apply the denim patches on a hole or for decoration:

Choose colors that are contrasting the color of your jeansThink precisely how many patches you will needMeasure the places where you will place the denim patchesUse your imagination and apply the denim patches on your old pair of jeans

Follow the directions for ironing the patch on the jeans. This usually involves preheating the jeans with the iron, then placing the denim patch. Always use caution when ironing! Place a thin cotton cloth over the top of the jeans patch and press with an iron for about 35-40 seconds to attach the patch in place.

Show what you have done

Get out and show off your new jeans. Walk around, go out for a coffee with friends. Feel comfortable and wear your old jeans with desire and self-esteem.

Remember, if your favorite jeans have already begun to lose their glitter, you do not have to throw them away. Just little creativity and some good ideas are enough to make them new and beautiful again. Even covered with denim patches, you will enjoy wearing this pair of jeans because they are fashionable, practical and very durable.

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