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Welcome to Zefffka!

We are an iron-on patch manufacturing company based in Prague, Czech Republic and we take pride in our excellence and responsibility within the world of denim craftsmanship.

At ZEFFFKA, we can ensure you that the quality of the services and products we provide will thoroughly impress the best seamstress near you!


"This product went straight out of the package and onto a big hole in my jeans. I placed the patch on the inside and the ripped part still looked "distressed" but covered up the hole. I was able to wear my favorite pair of jeans the next day! Love it!" 

Brooke Cates



Iron on Patches for clothes

Five methods how to repair jean crotches with Iron on Patches for clothes

No one gets angry when finding a hole in his jeans anymore. Actually, it is super trendy to have stitches, holes and patches on your denim jeans.

Jean patches for clothes

Why use patches on your pants?

If you are a fan of jeans, then you surely have a bunch of them in your wardrobe, but you still buy new ones every season. After a short absence...

heart elbow patches

Heart Denim Patch – A Great Valentine’s Day Gift

St. Valentine is coming – oh now what? 

We need to express our love in some special way. This is not an ordinary...

denim repair patches

Denim skirts with modern patches are a new trend!

We can hardly imagine our daily styling without this classic, stylish and practical denim skirt that we can call the symbol of a pop culture that embodies the free spirit. If...

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