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Gold and Silver Polishing Cleaning Cloth

  • SHINY AS BRAND NEW: this polishing cloth helps your gold, silver, platinum or other precious metals look brand new again. Get back the original beautiful high luster for your fashion jewelry.

  • TWO-PLY CLOTH: White inner cloth cleans dirt and removes tarnish from your favorite jewelry, coins, watches, dishes or other fine metals. Soft grey outer cloth gently polishes the surface of jewelry, restoring it to a mirror-like finish and saving it from scratching.

  • FUTURE PROTECTION: Using the cloth for cleaning and polishing also provides a layer of protection to your jewelry against tarnishing, for the longest lasting results.

  • NO NEED TO PRE-WET: No water or chemical cleaning agents needed for cleaning or polishing. Use the cloth dry, it can be reused, but not washed.

  • LARGE CLOTH SIZE: allows easy handling for any size jewelry like coins, earrings, rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, vases, silverware or other precious metals.

$ 9.99

POLS review


Juanita Floyd

I like this product as it is well made and very large. I've had these in the past and they get really black and nasty after awhile. Time for a new one. This is easy to use and makes sterling silver rings shine like new.

Heidi Smith

This is a generous sized polishing cloth, with two large grey clothes sewn together with two white polishing cloths in between. The photo I offer doesn't show the difference between the unpolished earring and the polished earring, not well enough. In person the difference is very clear. There is the dip method that would do a fast job of completely eliminating the tarnish, but the cloth offers a way to remove some tarnish while leaving a bit of a contrast with patina of some dark edges which I think can be effective in bringing out the etched design in some pieces. I would imagine this cloth system would be polishing your silver holiday table setting easy. 5 stars.

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