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Taille Erweiterung Knopf 4 Stück

  • Größe 3-1/4" x 1-3/8" (8 cm x 3,5 cm): Der Verlängerer fügt 1/2" oder 2" (1,2 cm x 5 cm) zusätzlichen Bewegungsspielraum in der Taille hinzu.

  • Jeans Taille Erweiterung aus 100% Baumwolle: Passt zu Jeans, Jeansröcken und Jeansshorts.

  • Metallknopf: Langlebig und perfekt für Jeanskleidung.

  • Verschiedene Farben: 1 x hellblau, 1 x medium blau, 1 x dunkelblau, 1 x schwarz.

  • Einfach zu bedienen: Spüren Sie Komfort mit einem Griff.

€ 8,99

BUT review


Albert K. McCormack

it was (and is) very easy to assemble and WELL worth the money.

I am very happy with the waist extender and it will save many jeans and shorts from going to second hand store. That means money inn my pocket!


One of denim button pieces separated on first use. I put it back together by squeezing it in my vise. As a whole, they work well.


Great product and extremely nice shop Owner!

I really like that there are two separate slots for your button. Some need just a little extension and some need more. These 2 options are also great if you are losing weight!


If you tuck a shirt in, you'll need a belt because you will see 2 buttons. If you're wearing it untucked, it needs to be a relaxed-fit or the outline of the 2 buttons will show.


Would definitely recommend!!!

Pat Gaut

The pants extender worked perfectly on my husbands jeans. Easy to use.


Suffered a stroke March 2017 losing the use of my left arm. Always had a hard time buttoning my pants with only my right arm. Thanks to these extenders I can do this very easily.


Great product, good price, Im happy!

Just exactly what I was looking for, and a good price for a few different jean shades. Might order the dress pant ones also. I have gained weight after having my son, but not enough to go up a size. These make my jeans that fit everywhere perfect, but just won't button comfortably, able to button. 👍👍


Multiple colors and it saved the day for a guest. Couldn't really tell it was there.


These are just what I needed for several pairs of pants. They are well made, and the right size.

I'll probably buy more in the future.


Works as advertised. Just what my husband needed for a little extra in the waist of his favorite shorts

Brian L. Cross

How well made they are.

They were very well made, comfortable, allows me to wear things when I am having a day with some bloat. I have also used them on a pair of my husbands pants, he is a stroke sufferer and could button them himself.

April N.

Pros for these extenders, they really work great easy to use stretch enough to button them and two places where you can adjust them.

Cons/ none


These are great to extend the waistband for those of us who tend to gain a few pounds every now and then. They’re easily attached to your jeans and easy to remove when they’re no longer needed.

Carl Zendler

Its goog to help prolonged use of pants, or slacks!!!

Amazon Customer

They seem to work fine and give me just enough to make my snug jeans fit better. They hide well behind the buckle of my belt

Phyllis T.

ZEFFFKA Demin Waist Extender is very helpful and comes in on time when you have put on a few pounds and can't button up your jeans, pants, or shirts.

Laverne Davis

So glad I ordered, works very nicely and adds just right amount to waist for those of us who may be finding a inch here and there!!

Jane smith

Very happy with this purchase. My husband now can get his pants buttoned again! Was surprised at how fast we received this from time of order. Was afraid I would need to get him new pants before our trip. These arrived and I was saved!!! Thank you.

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