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Iron on Patches 10 Pcs 4-1/4" by 3-3/4

  • Perfect for repair and decoration: Prolong the life of your favorite clothes or breathe into the old new life by decorating it

  • Ideal size 4-1/4" by 3-3/4" will help to hide the shortcomings of both small and large holes and enough to create your own design

  • Package includes 10 patches: light and medium blue background will fit with almost every kind of blue jeans

  • Easy to applied on fabric: only few minutes will take to repair or decorate your clothes

  • Each patch is washable at hot temperature: you can use machine wash and tumble dry

$ 4.99




Our aim is to supply clients with the best patches meeting quality standards. For this reason, our products are made in a professional manner using the highest quality fabrics.



Instead of being embarrassed by the holes in jeans, just patch them! It’s such an easy quick fix that you’ll be done in less than five minutes.



Durable and long lasting formula of the glue making those patches irreplaceable when repairing clothes. Fix your favorite clothes ones and for all.



Instead of layering the patch on the top of your jeans, you can place it on the inside of your pants. This way, the back side of the patch shows through the hole.



Each set has patches of different colors from light blue to black, you can always pick the right color for your jeans.



What can be better than spending time with your kids? Create funny designs and decorate kids clothes. Make your child happy.



All patches are washable at hot temperature. Each patch can withstand a lot of washes. This product will serve you for years.



You don't have to be like others; be yourself. Create your own designs to customize your clothes. Make your old clothes as good as new.



Brookr Cates

This product went straight out of the package and onto a big hole in my jeans. I placed the patch on the inside and the ripped part still looked "distressed" but covered up the hole. I was able to wear my favorite pair of jeans the next day! Love it!


If only my wife would take the time to iron these on, I could leave a much more descriptive review....these patches showed up in the mail promptly after ordering ( kudos fo the FAST service!) - nice package, good looking product ....the jeans for which these patches were destined are now cut offs, the holes growing past repairing. But there’s hope! Small holes have appeared in another pair!! Fingers crossed an iron on patch will cover that one in time!!!

Curtis E. Adams II

Easy to use.

They worked better than expected. Very easy to use.

Traci Mendes

My son tore two pair of jeans on the back pocket. I used the patches on the inside to try to save them. So far working as hoped.

Janice Stupka

the patches worked great, just follow the instructions


Excellent customer service. Worked perfectly.

Bought these to cover worn places on the inside thigh area of my jeans. Before the patches arrived I received an email from the company with instructions and tips to get the best outcome. I followed the email instructions and they adhered perfectly. I will not be washing them for a few days as instructed and will follow up with my review at a further time. They were thin and the colors matched perfectly. Judging by the initial adhesion and look I am very pleased.


These patches were just what was needed. I will purchase larger ones in the future for future 'blowouts'.

James s.

Great customer service. Prompt delivery. 5 stars so far! Not sure about durability yet. Have only washed the jeans 4-5 times so far. So far so good!!

Alan Grande

Perfect patches for what my wife needed. They're a little stiff after first applied, but seen to be breaking in nicely. Easy to apply with great instructions.

Fed Ghali

Super easy to apply

I used one of these patches on the inside of my jeans where they had ripped. The patch adhered easily using a normal iron for 30 seconds, and the seal is strong.


Good quality patches.

Product arrived on time and worked great. Very good experience with the seller.


Great product! Easy to use, and adhesion was great, only took a minute with the iron.

Dakota Green

The quality and colors match and are strong

Love all the colors in the package. They matched m pants very well. Good quality and there were a sufficient amount in the pack. I patched up 9 pair of jeans and still had 2 patches left. Love this product, will buy again when needed.

Kelly H.

Just applied a few of these to my sons jeans. They went on easily and appear to be holding well. As of now I am very satisfied with the product. We shall see if these hold up after some wear.

James E McGregor

Great patches. Patched the knee of my jeans - made sure to follow the directions closely - and it seems to be sticking really well. I'll probably add a couple of stitches to the corners, per the directions, just to be safe. Comes with five different denim shades, which is nice.

Tom H.

I used these on my work jeans that I wash frequently. I ironed a patch on both inside and out and they are holding up well. Excellent product with clear instructions.

raymond lau

save a lot of money to replace a new one with this easy fix !

product support is second to none ! i fixed a couple of jeans with this product,it looks good,for the long run i don't know yet.


Very practical, easy patches for repairs

I got these patches to repair the knees on my son’s pants as he was ripping a pair every/ every other week. Very easy to apply, and work great. So far, they hold well. We used them on jeans, khakis and lined pants. The patches are firm, so not sure if they would work with thin material. Hope the patches will stay on after multiple washes to at least make it through a season.


Very easy to apply. Don't know yet how durable it will be in the long run, but so far so good. My work jeans get a lot of wear and tear, so this will be a tough test.

Chris Anderson

Good instructions, seem to work very well so far! Thanks for letting me prolong the life of several pairs of jeans!