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Cashmere Fine Wool comb

  • EFFECTIVE DEFUZZER / DEPILLER: Combs brush away the fuzz in just a few strokes of the hand, easily removes lint from napped, woven or knitted material.

  • TWO COMBS IN ONE PACK: Both combs together are able to make any garment made of cashmere, wool, or other types of material look like brand new.

  • COMPACT DESIGN, NO BATTERIES NEEDED: Small size of the combs allows you to carry them in your pocket, bag or even wallet. Due to the compact size of the combs, they are a perfect fit for travel or vacation. No batteries or electricity is required, so the lint shaver combs can be applied anywhere.

  • WIDE RANGE OF USE: Combs help remove fuzz balls, pills and lint, not only from sweaters, but they also work great on scarves and winter hats, blankets, wool socks and tights, bed sheets, wool coats, etc.

  • RENEW YOUR CLOTHES WITHOUT BUYING NEW ONES: Make time go backwards for your sweaters, using cashmere and wool or multi-fabric combs. With the combs, you can safely and effectively de-fuzz your favorite textile.

$ 10.99

CASH review


best solution for pills.
better than any other lint remover, too!

Cleaned up some sweaters nicely

Lucas S.

Used the comb on cashmere sweaters and they look so much fresher with all the fuzz removed!

Anna Russo

Does the job well
Improves the loot garment

Hilary Mandel

Combing out balls from expensive wool and cashmere wool sweaters is a challenge. This "by hand" product works--with patience the balls are combed out.


Best little sweater comb on the market - super easy to use, removes pilling in a flash without damage to the most luxurious cashmere sweaters. Now I have multiples in different closets and drawers so I won’t ever be looking for just one.

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